Oct. 10th, 2011

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In the interest of giving our complement pinch hitters more time, we have moved back the posting schedule to start on October 16th. If you see your name on this schedule, that means we have received and verified your final draft. If you sent in a final draft and your name is not on here, and we didn't contact you to let you know why, please email us at ladiesbigbang[at]gmail as soon as possible so we can figure out what happened.

If you have any issues with your posting date, also please contact us as soon as possible.

Very soon, we will be granting posting access to creators, so they can make their project posts to this community on their assigned dates. Project posts will include complement links (so creators and complementers, you will need to coordinate that come posting time). Note for complementers: for complementers who will be making separate posts at their own journals/websites/etc., you may post up to four days before your creator's posting date if needed.

For anyone who does not have a Dreamwidth account, please comment to this post or e-mail us at ladiesbigbang[at]gmail.com so we can work something out.

We have a total of 24 projects, with a wide range of fandoms and media represented. We on the mod team would like to express our enormous appreciation for all participants -- cheerleaders, betas, creators and everyone who's supported this challenge in some capacity. So cheers and congratulations all around, and here's to a fabulous 24 days of celebrating women!

Oct 16: (Sun) [personal profile] zoamh, Multifandom, Fanmix
Oct 17: (Mon) [personal profile] kaydeefalls, Multifandom, Fiction & Vid
Oct 18: (Tue) [personal profile] ariestess, Babylon 5, Fiction & Poetry
Oct 19: (Wed) [personal profile] luzula, due South, Audiofic
Oct 20: (Thu) [personal profile] sharpest_asp, Transformers, Fiction
Oct 21: (Fri) [personal profile] branchandroot, Naruto, Fiction
Oct 22: (Sat) [personal profile] lotesse, The Chronicles of Prydain, Fiction
Oct 23: (Sun) [personal profile] woldy, Harry Potter, Recs
Oct 24: (Mon) [personal profile] damkianna, Children of Dune (2003), Fiction
Oct 25: (Tue) [personal profile] lysapadin, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Fiction
Oct 26: (Wed) [personal profile] traycer, Harry Potter, Fiction
Oct 27: (Thu) [personal profile] sorry_neither, Doctor Who, Comic
Oct 28: (Fri) [personal profile] destinyislands, Kingdom Hearts, Primer/Promo
Oct 29: (Sat) [personal profile] laurie_ky, Supernatural, Fiction, Podfic & Fanmix
Oct 30: (Sun) [personal profile] jjhunter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Poetry
Oct 31: (Mon) [personal profile] sophinisba, Star Trek (2009) & Battlestar Galactica (2003), Audiofic
Nov 01: (Tue) [personal profile] unfrosted_cake, American Idol (Season 10), Icons
Nov 02: (Wed) [personal profile] briarwood, Supernatural, Fiction
Nov 03: (Thu) [personal profile] merryghoul, Gossip Girl (& crossover fandoms), Recs
Nov 04: (Fri) [personal profile] ceares, Multifandom, Icons
Nov 05: (Sat) [personal profile] language_escapes, St. Trinian's, Fiction
Nov 06: (Sun) [personal profile] zopyrus, Our Mutual Friend, Comic
Nov 07: (Mon) [personal profile] jenn_calaelen, Stargate SG-1, Fiction
Nov 08: (Tue) [personal profile] snowynight, Marvel comics, Fiction
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Additional notes you may need to include when posting:
  • spoilers.
  • creator's notes if there's anything you feel you need to add.
  • for those who want to post a small graphic with their project, do not make it any larger than 250px high x 500px wide.
  • for visual media folks, you must note anything NSFW.
  • for audioficcers, be sure to link to text versions of the fics, as well as your downloads.
  • for iconners, four icons max for a preview.
  • for reccers, we are assuming that you have any content notes/etc. in your recs and/or that they are present in the fanworks themselves; if they are not, please note them when you post here.
  • for multicategory creators, you can comment here to receive a custom template if the existing ones do no meet your needs.
  • for projects that feature multiple fandoms, we will need a list of all fandoms features so we can tag posts appropriately.
  • for creators who received complements, be sure to link to them in your post, unless they are embedded in your project in which case just be sure to attribute your complementer.
  • if you had them, be sure to acknowledge your beta/cheerleader/etc. in the acknowledgements field!

In terms of how to post the actual links to the project/downloads/etc,, the links should go at the bottom of your post after all the metadata these templates cover. How you format those is up to your discretion. We prefer if you don't archive your project here, rather in your own journal or some other archive.

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