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If you submitted a rough draft in order to be eligible for a complement, you should have received an email confirming its receipt and verifying that it meets challenge requirements for length. Below the cut is the list of creators who sent qualifying drafts for the August 1 deadline:Read more... )

Creators not submitting an optional rough draft are still very welcome to submit work at the final deadline! We hope you will!

Complement participants and creators who met the rough draft deadline: stay tuned for information on claiming!
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What constitutes eligibility for complements?

There are three basic components required to make your [community profile] ladiesbigbang fanwork eligible for a complement. Failure to meet one or more of the following components will result in non-eligibility for complements.
  1. Turning in your rough draft on time, ie. prior to 2359 PDT on 1 August 2010.

  2. 90% or greater completion of your fanwork, as verified by a [community profile] ladiesbigbang mod, based on the following information...
    • Fanart :: 13 pieces of artwork
    • Graphics :: 13 backgrounds/banners/manips/etc.
    • Icons :: 270 icons
    • Picspam :: 450 pics
    • Fanmixes :: 13 fanmixes
    • Podficcers :: 13500 words of fic recorded
    • Vids :: 13.5 min of video
    • Fiction :: 13500 words minimum
    • Meta :: 4500 words
    • Recs :: 135 recs
    • Multimedia :: 90% based on totals that were approved by [community profile] ladiesbigbang mods when you signed up

  3. Completion of the first and second check-ins within the specified timeframe. Each of the check-in periods stretched out over a 7-day period.

    Note :: In the first check-in period, there was a chance to receive a "get out of jail free" card that would allow the creator to be considered an on-time check-in. This was only allowed if it was requested at the time of your late check-in and approved by a moderator, along with the proviso to the creator(s) in question that if the second check-in was late, that creator(s) would be no longer eligible for complement consideration.

As of today, 30 July 2010, the following creators are listed as eligible for complement, provided they meet the first two requirements above.

If you have any questions about your eligibility, please send an email to ladiesbigbang @ with the subject line of "[Your sign-up name] COMPLEMENT ELIGIBILITY REQUEST".

Any further questions you may have can be asked here or directed to the ladiesbigbang @ address.


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