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Gah, a wee bit late in posting, and I do need to add the final part to it yet, but here it is.


"In Camera" - fiction by QDS (hammerxsword).

Fandom(s): Ashes to Ashes/The Devil's Whore/Inglourious Basterds
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Primary: Alex Drake, Angelica Fanshawe (see notes), Shosanna Dreyfus. Secondary: Marcel, Bridget von Hammersmark, Colonel Hans Landa. Refers to an Inglourius Basterds canon pairing.
Wordcount | Rating: , PG-13.
Content Notes/Warnings: Attitudes to race not of the modern era, allusions to the Holocaust, mild violence, threat of rape.
Summary: Alex Drake (from Ashes to Ashes) and Angelica Fanshawe (from The Devil's Whore) both have accidents that render them unconscious and they wake up in 1944 in Nazi Occupied France (the world of Inglourious Basterds) where they meet Shosanna Dreyfus, who is living in open hiding under the name Emmanuelle Mimieux. They are taken in by her to work at her cinema. Both of course have a desire to get home (Angelica back to English Civil War England, and Alex at the very least back to 1980s England), while Shosanna hopes that the two English women won't reveal their Englishness to the occupying army. A chance encounter with a Nazi from Shosanna's past leads the women to take action, be brave, and to trust each other.
Acknowledgments: My flist and fandom friends for the encouragement [personal profile] sothcweden for the beta and her forbearance with my tardiness, particularly her perseverance despite me sending it to her so late! [personal profile] trascendenza for the lovely cheering and happy vibes, and [personal profile] shopfront for the complement (see below).
Additional notes: Spoilers for: Season 1 Ashes to Ashes, the entirety of The Devil's Whore (note Angelica's surname in the text) and Inglourious Basterds. AU from the events of IB, and it disregards the nature of the world of A2A as explained in the final episode of A2A season 3, so kind of an AU from A2A as well.
Written for: [community profile] ladiesbigbang challenge.

Complement: That Song - the fab trailer vid by [personal profile] shopfront! I'd encourage you to watch it before reading. :)

Fic: @DW | @AO3
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"I Don't Need You To Surrender" - fiction by [personal profile] snow.

Fandom(s): Party Animals.
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Ashika Chandiramani/Scott Foster, background Matt Baker/Danny Foster, OFC
Wordcount | Rating: 16026 | Teen/PG-13
Content Notes/Warnings: Set three years post-canon and so contains spoilers for all eight episodes of Party Animals. I believe that canon knowledge is not necessary for this fic.
Summary: Ashika Chandiramani was elected as a Conservative Member of Parliament in the last election. This is how she reacts, grows and makes her way in the world of British politics. Featuring the handling of constituency matters, dealing with family and the support structure that helps Ashika survive it all.
Acknowledgements: Many many thanks to [personal profile] calleigh_j for the beta.
Complement: [personal profile] hammerxsword made a truly lovely video, which can be found here.


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