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If you're interested in volunteering to help out with this round, here are a few of the things we could use help with:

  • Gathering lots of pictures of a wide variety of awesome women. We're working on a project right now where we want to create a database of banners featuring all kinds of women (that is, from varied fannish sources/areas of the world/who are of all different ages, ethnicities, body types, etc.) some of which we'd like to use in a new layout and some of which we'd like to offer up for participant use. There are two ways to help with this project: A) volunteering to research and compile pictures, B) sending in pictures to us at ladiesbigbang[at] or you're also welcome to drop links at this post. With option B though, please be aware that we can't guarantee we'll be able to use everything submitted.
  • Signal Boosting and Affiliating. While sign-ups are open we're trying to get word out and affiliate with communities of interest. One of the things we're hoping to achieve this year is increasing the diversity of fanworks represented at this challenge because one of the core values of this challenge is honoring all expressions of fannish creativity, but because people typically associate big bang challenges with solely fiction a lot of people simply don't know that we welcome all types of fanworks. We're keeping a list of places we've signal boosted and to help out you can A) volunteer to signal boost and we can grant you permission to edit that list and figure out where you'd like to signal boost, B) e-mail or comment here with a link of a place you've signal boosted so we can add it to the list. With affiliating, you can A) volunteer to help with affiliations and we'll contact you with our efforts thus far, B) comment at the affiliations post if you have a community that would like to affiliate with us, or you can comment on this post if you have any suggestions for places you think might good for us to affiliate.
  • Assembling an index of chromatic projects. One of the things we'd like to do this year is assemble an index of chromatic projects that we can post over at [community profile] dark_agenda as part of our continual effort to increase the intersectionality of this challenge.
  • [community profile] ladiesbigbangchat. We would love to make the community more of a resource and more fun! Truthfully, we don't have that many great ideas for how to do that, so we're in the market for A) volunteers who'd be interested in organizing some stuff at the community, B) suggestions for how to improve the community.
  • Administrativa. There's some behind the scenes stuff we could use help with, mostly in the form of tagging, link-checking and proofreading.

If you're interested in volunteering for any of the above, please comment with your e-mail address, e-mail us at ladiesbigbang[at] or send us a PM. Comments to this post are screened. Your comment can be unscreened if you say it's okay. If you have any other ideas, suggestions, or ways you think you could help out, we'd love to hear that, too!


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