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Six Degrees for Bandfemslash - primers by [personal profile] silver_spotted with [personal profile] lady_amorika,
[ profile] mayqueen517 and [personal profile] slashxmistress

Fandom(s): Bandom, female musicians
Character(s)/Pairing(s): all of them! 718+ women and 70 primers linking women in music
Content Notes/Warnings: image heavy, some musicians in revealing stage clothes
Summary: Ever wondered how you could have Vicky-T hook up with Janelle Monae, or Z Berg with Emily Haines without writing an AU? We did – and this is our answer: a game of “Six Degrees of Separation” starting with Vicky-T to show how various musical women know each other – with the ulterior motive of inspiring femslash!
Acknowledgments: Huge thanks to [personal profile] trascendenza and [personal profile] shopfront, our beta and cheerleader, for giving great technical advice and encouragement.
Compliment: beautiful profile banner by trascendenza

See it all at [personal profile] 6degreesforbandfemslash
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"We Are All Dangerous" - fiction by [personal profile] enochiansigils/[personal profile] shadowcat

Fandom(s): Black Jewels
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Jaera, Kaetien (OC's in fandom)
Wordcount | Rating: 19,325 | PG-13
Content Notes/Warnings: None
Summary: Two girls get caught up in a deadly game of revenge.
Acknowledgements: Thanks and much love to [personal profile] renaissancevamp for the fabulous fanmix!

Part One. Part Two.

Complement: Here!
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Fandom(s): DC Comics (AU)
Characters: Adeline Wilson, nee Kane; Dinah Laurel Lance, Slade Wilson, Frannie DeFarge
Wordcount | Rating: 22, 159; R for violence
Content Notes/Warnings: Highly AU, violence (threatened violence to child), off-panel torture
Presumes a relationship between Slade Wilson and Dinah Laurel Lance post-Birds of Prey 25 and 46. Takes place just after the incidents in Teen Titans v3 #7 in Dinah's history and just before the Wilson family backstory events detailed in The Judas Contract in Adeline and Slade's.
Summary:Sometimes, Dinah Lance knows, history *should* be changed. This is her chance.
That would be easier if Adeline Wilson would cooperate.

In the deathless days before.


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