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Airy cages quelled - fiction by [personal profile] lotesse

Fandom(s): Lloyd Alexander - Chronicles of Prydain
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Eilonwy-centric, ensemble, Taran/Eilonwy
Wordcount | Rating: 20,016 words, teen (pg-13)
Content Notes/Warnings: none
Summary: Eilonwy deals with the power of Llyr, kills a sorcerer, avenges her mother, and rescues her lover. You never know what you can do, until you get away from the canon that marginalizes you and prefers to develop its male lead. AU of Taran Wanderer.
Acknowledgements: art by [personal profile] zopyrus
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"Still Life" - audiofic by sophinisba.

Fandom: Battlestar Galactica (2003)
Characters: Anastasia Dualla and Kara Thrace (gen with canon pairings)
Content Notes/Warnings: Reference to canon character deaths and violence; spoilers for the full series.
Author's summary: "If she'd been more like Starbuck, she could have been loud and angry and looking for a fight; but she was a follower of Hestia and Hebe, a quiet onlooker trying to keep the home-fires burning."
Acknowledgements: Thanks to Munditia aka [personal profile] fallingtowers, who has waited a long time since I first contacted her about making this podfic, and huge thanks to [personal profile] yue_ix for taking on this art project (despite not being familiar with the fandom) and doing such a beautiful job with it.
File info: mp3 and m4b versions, 31 minutes

Story on LJ at Munditia's fic journal [livejournal.com profile] having_written
Cover art by [personal profile] yue_ix!!
Piece of a drawing of Starbuck and Dee from Battlestar Galactica, seen from behind; link goes to yue_ix's art post
Podfic by [personal profile] sophinisba

"Lunch and Other Obscenities" - audiofic by sophinisba.

Fandom: Star Trek (2009)
Characters: Uhura and Gaila (gen with canon pairings)
Content Notes/Warnings: No standard notes apply
Author's summary: "Nyota liked her roommate just fine until she met her."
Acknowledgements: Thanks to [personal profile] rheanna for this great story and to [livejournal.com profile] irrel for allowing me to use their awesome fanart for the cover.
File info mp3 and m4b versions, 55:30 minutes

Story at the Archive of Our Own by [archiveofourown.org profile] rheanna
Cover adapted from Apple, art by [livejournal.com profile] irrel
Podfic by [personal profile] sophinisba
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"The Blow of a Knife" - fiction by damkianna.

Fandom(s): Children of Dune (2003 miniseries)
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Ensemble: Chani, Irulan, Alia, Jessica, Duncan 2.0, plus assorted minor canon characters and an OC or two. Canonical past relationships, hints of Alia/Duncan 2.0, and in my head the whole thing has come to serve as pre-Chani/Irulan but that might just be me.
Wordcount | Rating: 21,000 | PGish? Brief and inexplicit violence; not even so much as a cheek kiss.
Content Notes/Warnings: The premise, as should be clear from the summary, revolves around a major character death. Deals pretty inexplicitly with pregnancy and childbirth.
Summary: Chani feels it, when Muad'dib dies. Midseries AU: the attempt to assassinate Paul with the stoneburner is successful.
Acknowledgements: Thanks immensely to [personal profile] idriya, who tells me things I don't want to hear even though I'm whiny and horrible to her after, and whom I hear spent a lot of time wrapped in a sheet to complete my beautiful complement art. Sadly, RL has delayed the actual complement posting - but the art will be embedded as soon as it is complete! ETA: Not embedded yet, but the art is up in a single post at my DW.

Links: Fic @ DW | Fic @ AO3
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This concludes round 1.5 of the [community profile] ladiesbigbang challenge. Good work, all! We had 6 brave participants and 5 different project media.

Be sure to go check out the fabulous projects and give the creators some love. We'll be back again in a few months :)


[community profile] ladiesbigbang Round 1.5 Project Round-up

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Flying Blossoms [@AO3] by [personal profile] damkianna. [19,800 words | PG] Notes )

Merlin: Pastimes and Lifestyles read by [personal profile] sophinisba. [17,758 words | PG | no warnings/content notes] Notes )

Multifandom: Kamikaze Girls and Nikita picspams and 135 icons by [personal profile] trascendenza. [no content notes/warnings] Notes )

Real Person: Yoko Ono: 200 Yoko Ono Icons [100 B&W and 100 Color] by [personal profile] grey_gazania. Notes )

Tolkienverse: 10 Pieces of Art by [personal profile] elleth. [G | no warnings/content notes] Notes )

X-Men: 200 X-Men, New X-Men, X-23 Icons by [personal profile] alliterate. Notes )
sharpest_asp: Ramoth and Mnementh's mating flight (Pern: Dragons Mating)
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I hope to be able to link to a complement later today, and do apologize for posting this a day late; I was waiting to give time for it to be finished.

"Moving Forward Again" - fiction by [personal profile] sharpest_asp.

Fandom(s): Sixth Pass Pern
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Moreta/Alessan, Alessan/Nerilka, Ensemble from the novels
Wordcount | Rating: 16,788 | PG-13 / Het
Content Notes/Warnings: Assumes knowledge of the novels, as it opens in basically the last chapter of Moreta. Not explicit. Slice-of-life more than plot-driven.
Summary: Completely AUs the ending of Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern and Nerilka's Story
Acknowledgements: [personal profile] ilyena_sylph, for being my beta, and for everything

Complementer: [personal profile] idriya (ART)

Link: Story at my journal

Art now included at the fic link and it's hosted here.
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"Buck up, it's Baroque" - fiction by [personal profile] naraht.

Fandom(s): Hilda Tablet/Classical Composers RPF
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Hilda Tablet/Elsa Strauss, Benjamin Britten/Peter Pears, Hilda Tablet/Imogen Holst
Wordcount | Rating: 15,119 | Teen
Content Notes: 1950s, Banter, Bisexual Character, Canon Queer Character, Canon Queer Relationship, Feminist Themes, Humor, Making Music, Opera, Pederasty, Queer Themes, Women Being Awesome
Summary: Roll over, Beethoven and move over, Benjamin Britten… it's Hilda Tablet, the "eminent twelve-tone composeress." When Hilda and her muse, soprano Elsa Strauss, are special guests at the Aldeburgh Festival, they leave havoc, romantic entanglements and modern music in their wake.
Acknowledgements: Thanks to [personal profile] trascendenza for stepping in at the very last minute and doing a great illustration of Elsa, mid-aria!

Read "Buck up, it's Baroque" at the AO3
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"Imagine The Ocean - Book One" - fiction by damkianna.

Fandom(s): Avatar: The Last Airbender.
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Hints of Sokka/Suki if you're looking for them. Katara-focused gen overall. Includes some original characters.
Wordcount | Rating: These first six chapters together total about 50,000 words. Rating might edge up toward PG-13 at times, but mostly this is pretty tame.
Content Notes/Warnings: Mild amounts of violence in a few places; nothing very graphic. Some spoilers, in a very general sense, but this story is quite AU; I doubt there's anything in it that will ruin the events of the show for anyone. And, fair warning: this is a WIP, written up to Chapter 6/13, and the first in a series.
Summary: Hakoda found the boy in the ice eight days before Kya went into labor. Avatar!Katara AU.
Acknowledgements: More thanks than I can possibly express to my sister, [personal profile] idriya, who was my cheerleader, my beta, and the complementer who produced the gorgeous art that accompanies this story. And, of course, this fic exists in general thanks to the [community profile] ladiesbigbang challenge, and everyone who helped make it happen.

Links: Master Post @ DW | Fic on AO3
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"A Matter Of Physics" - fiction by [personal profile] hnsnrachel .

Fandom(s): Grey's Anatomy/Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Callie Torres/ Erica Hahn/ Faith Lehane/ Tara Maclay
Wordcount | Rating: 15,631 words; NC-17
Content Notes/Warnings: None
Summary: Callie accompanies Erica back to her hometown of Sunnydale and learns that not everything is as it seems. 
Acknowledgements: First and foremost, please go give some love to [personal profile] ranrata  for the absolutely wonderful artwork that complements this story.  Secondly, but no less importantly, thank you so much to my lovely friend and beta, [personal profile] mia_bell  for checking this over. 

And with no further ado:  A Matter of Physics


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