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Sign-ups for Round 1 are now CLOSED.

If you are interested in doing cheerleading pinch-hitting, please join our pinch-hitting list, Ladies' BigBang Pinch Hitting. Pinch hits for betas, cheerleading and eventually complements will be announced there.

What is cheerleading / what are cheerleaders signing up to do?

When you sign up to cheerlead, you're offering your cheerleading services through September 1.

Cheerleaders offer encouragement to a creator or beta. Cheerleading is not betaing; you are not necessarily signing up to view the project itself, though of course if you wish to, you're welcome to let the creator know you'd like to see what they are creating. You're primarily there to provide an ear for when the creator needs to discuss some of the issues that come along with working on a large-scope project and to provide general enthusiasm for the project.

How you cheerlead is your choice; just let your creator know what your availibility's going to look like (e.g., "I can talk once a week"; "I'm available every other evening"; "I prefer if we pre-arrange times to talk") and what methods work best for you (e-mail, chat, gdocs, etc.).

If you need to drop out, well, life happens -- just be sure that you let your creator AND us know so that we can touch base with the creator and see if they'd like to go out to pinch hitters.

[[Cheerleader Sign-Up Form]]

Please note:

We cannot guarantee matching on fandom or genre, so please only volunteer in fandoms you feel relatively flexible in.

Also, because this challenge is so multimedia, we really encourage you to consider cheeraleading in as wide a range as possible if you feel comfortable doing so; we'd really like to be able to provide as many of our creators as possible with cheerleaders.

E-mail address:

Categories you're willing to cheerlead for: Betas, Art, Icons, Graphics, Picspams, Fanmix, Podfic, Vids, Fiction, Meta, Recs.
Can you offer general (general encouragement, etc.) cheerleader services? You are not required to list fandoms below if you prefer doing general cheeraleading.
Fandoms you can cheerlead for: That is, fandoms you can do specific cheerleading in.
Are you willing to cheerlead for original content? If yes, which categories?
Are you willing to consider cheerleading mixed media submissions?* It is not binding if you say yes; you're simply offering to consider mixed media projects.
Are you willing to consider cheerleading categories outside of our primary ones (i.e., different types of creative projects)?* It is not binding if you say yes; you're simply offering to consider betaing other types of creative fanwork.
Do you have any preferences in regards to cheerleading femmeslash/gen/het? As mentioned, we cannot even come close to guaranteeing matching based on this.

* = in this case, you will be contacted with information about what the project is rather than assigned it.


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