Sep. 23rd, 2011

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Word documents: save word documents as a .doc or an .rtf, or send us a gdoc.
Graphics: for graphics you have a number of options: you may attach the files in an e-mail, or if you have the files uploaded to a photobucket/scrapbook/etc. you can send us a link, or for larger graphics projects like picspams/icons/etc., you may also take a screencap of your project folder on your computer. Basically, we're trying to verify your amount of content, so screencaps showing the total amount of graphic files on your computer would suffice for that purpose.
Media: for video or audio files, you may attach them to an e-mail if they'll fit, or you can send us a download link(s).
Recs/Resource Lists/Primers: You may send us what you have from the categories above as described, or if you have versions of your project posted access-locked somewhere that you can grant the [personal profile] ladiesbigbangmod account access to, that's also an acceptable way to turn in your rough draft.


E-mail your content to ladiesbigbang[at] Use the following subject line format: "your sign-up name - Final Draft."

Include the following information about your project:

Your e-mail address: your preferred e-mail address.
Creator: the name you signed up under.
Title: if applicable.
Project Category: whichever category you signed up for -- meta, audiofic, icons, fiction, mixed category, etc. If you are mixed category please include the breakdown of your percentages.
Complement: received (or you've worked it out with your complementer and will receive it later) / need pinch hit (you were assigned a complementer but haven't received one) / would like to be considered for complement.*
Notes: optional.

* For those of you who did not sign up or were otherwise not eligible for complements, if (this is a big if) we are able to get all other complement pinch hits taken care of, we may do last-minute complement pinch hits for folks who didn't sign up/etc. If you'd like to be included in this, please just put down "would like to be considered for complement."


Posting date requests: If for whatever reason you will need a specific posting date, please let us know. We will be unable to determine the full length of the posting period until we have a final count of all projects, but the posting period will begin October 10 and we can roughly estimate that the posting period should last at least two weeks, so through October 24. You can request a specific date but it would be preferable if you requested a range and/or just let us know which date(s) doesn't work for you.

Final drafts are due October 1st, no later than 11:59PM Pacific Standard Time.


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